Along the paths of the Amalfi Coast

For outdoor trekking enthusiasts, the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast is a ‘must’… get ready for days of wonderful views, authentic towns and unspoiled nature.


5 days

price from 1500 €


Day 1. Arrival at Naples airport and private transfer to the Amalfi Coast, to Amalfi, the jewel of Campania and the starting point of our three-day trekking itinerary. Overnight stay in a splendid hotel in a room with the typical colors of the region and a sea view you will not easily forget.

Day 2. Begin your day with one of the most celebrated sections of the Path of the Gods. You will admire spectacular cliffs and various gorges, with unparalleled views of Positano, the Sorrento Peninsula, the islets de li Galli and Capri.

Day 3. Another day of trekking, with the sea always beside you, to more and more picturesque places.

Day 4. Last day of trekking, ending in a beautiful place: Positano, where you can relax by the sea. In the evening, well-deserved dinner at a typical winery based on local products with wine tasting.

Day 5. Return to the airport and depart for your destination

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